Sustainability Report

Frameworks & Standards

GRI 3-1, 3-3

The Five Themes present a narrative structure that allows D&L to present its ESG efforts in an engaging way without getting lost in the technical details of the frameworks. This approach captures the interconnections between economic, environmental, and social aspects of the business, providing a holistic view of the Company’s sustainability efforts. The simplicity of the narrative immerses the reader in the story, while meeting the reporting requirements of the standards.

The next sections provide the depth and details on ESG performance which each framework requires, ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to global best practices.

Between the story and the statistics, D&L invites investors, regulators, customers, employees, partners, and its communities into a sneak peek into the better lives it is forging.

The Philippine SEC Sustainability Framework

On February 15, 2019, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued Memorandum Circular No. 4, Sustainability Reporting Guidelines for Publicly Listed Companies (PLCs), and provided a Sustainability Reporting Framework and a reporting template for Philippine companies.

SEC Reporting Template

For companies who already have sustainability reports in accordance with internationally recognized frameworks and standards, their reports shall already be considered as their compliance with the reporting template. Companies may choose to attach the whole sustainability report to their Annual Report or just include a statement providing a link to said report.

Since the SEC’s approach relied on global sustainability standards, D&L is able to cross-reference and align its impacts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the GRI Standards.

For the Sustainability Report 2022 and henceforth, the Company has expanded on the SEC’s suggested impacts and generated material topics in accordance with the new GRI Standards 2021 for reports issued from January 2023 onwards.